Episode Forty: Sexy Mommy


When I first got married I prided myself on always looking good for my new man.  The man I hoped I would one day meet, and was lucky enough to find.  Then last night before bed I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  My hair was in a ponytail on the top of my head. My make up was smudged and practically gone. My oversized, 4 year old t-shirt was hanging off my shoulder and my sweats were pretty unflattering.  Ugh, I thought  to myself…what has happened to me?  12 years ago when we first met  I would never walk around like this.  I used to wear cute nighties, would wash my face with only the best beauty products, and didn’t even own a  pair of sweats.

Now 12 years and two kids later,  plus a full time high pressure job…what has happened to me? This was no excuse, I thought.  I need to take control!  Then my cuties ran into my room and luckily distracted me from these awful thoughts and visions of myself.  We giggled, cuddled and had a brief, goofy dance party.  H walked in and joined our silly dance off, and made the kids laugh even harder.  Before winding down for bed, feeling  and looking sweaty and disheveled, my H adoringly looked at me and looked at our kids and said “Do you guys know how much I love your beautiful mommy? Isn’t she the most beautiful girl in the world?”

At that moment I realized nothing else is this crazy world matters, not what I wear to bed, not how tired I am, not how stressed I was…but 12 years later he still thinks I’m beautiful and he loves me no matter what I wear to bed!  Wait until I show up for bed naked next!!

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